Table.group_bar(column_label, **vargs)[source]

Plot a bar chart for the table.

The values of the specified column are grouped and counted, and one bar is produced for each group.

Note: This differs from bar in that there is no need to specify bar heights; the height of a category’s bar is the number of copies of that category in the given column. This method behaves more like hist in that regard, while bar behaves more like plot or scatter (which require the height of each point to be specified).


column_label (str or int): The name or index of a column

overlay (bool): create a chart with one color per data column;

if False, each will be displayed separately.

width (float): The width of the plot, in inches height (float): The height of the plot, in inches

vargs: Additional arguments that get passed into

See for additional arguments that can be passed into vargs.