Welcome to CE 88 Data Science for Smart Cities

Cities are becoming more dependent on data flows that connect users and infrastructure. Design and operation of smart, efficient, and resilient cities has come to require data science skills. This course teaches you to leverage data generated within transportation systems, power grids, communication networks, via crowd-sensing, and remote sensing technologies to build demand- and supply- side urban services based on data analytics.

The Data Science for Smart Cities connector is offered through the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UC Berkeley and is taught in conjuction with the Foundations of Data Science course. The Foundations of Data Science course provides a baseline of computing skills, data visualization, and statistical concepts. There are no formal pre-requisites so you can also take it independently of Data8 (background of junior/senior standing in any engineering major helps). Don't forget to enroll in all 3 components (Lecture, Lab, Discussion).


Introduction: Cities as complex systems

Urban data: Collection, handling and processing

Data exploration: Interpreting and exploring data through visualization

Modeling and forecasting: Regression and classification